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Security is becoming more and more important. A simple password may not be enough to secure your computer anymore.  Identity Check was developed for all computer users to logon to different applications by using their fingerprint scan. When a user places his/her finger on the fingerprint scanner Identity Check matches their fingerprint and sends their username and password to the Intranet, or Internet application, no need to remember multiple login protocols.  

Benefits of Identity Check  

a.     No need to remember a username: Users no longer must remember a username and password.  

b.     Save precious time and money: Identity Check saves user time consumed during the login process.  The need for user password resets is virtually eliminated, saving support dollars and increasing employee productivity.  

c.      Easy installation: Identity Check has a very friendly user interface and is simple to use.  

d.     Login Security: Logins are mapped to each users biometric profile, so you know who has logged into the application.  

e.     Supports Multiple Login Profiles: Identity Check supports multiple login profiles at the same time.  

f.       Control access of each user:


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With Identity Check administrators can control the access of each user by their IP address giving you complete control.